Tulare FFA Est. 1928
Tulare FFA 2020-2021 Officers posing for a group picture in their blue jackets

Tulare FFA Strategic Plan

Department Mission: The mission of Tulare FFA is to provide students with premier leadership, personal growth, and career success to prepare them for college and career readiness through an academically rigorous agricultural curriculum set by industry and state standards.

Department Vision: Tulare FFA will integrate both academic and technical preparation through classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience programs and leadership and interpersonal skill development to create students who are prepared for continued training, advanced educational opportunities, or career entry. Curriculum will be driven by the industry standards, needed by students in order to be career ready as set forth by current trends in agriculture, based on data provided from industry professionals, and the agriculture education community.

Program Mission: The mission of Tulare FFA is to provide leadership opportunities, tools for personal growth, and skills for career success.

Program Vision: The FFA program will give students opportunities through Career and Leadership Development Events that push students competitively, socially, and academically.

SWOT Analysis:



  1. The FFA chapter does a good job of diversifying in membership and activities.
  2. The FFA in Tulare has strong values it upholds.
  3. The community surrounding Tulare FFA supports them in multiple ways.
  1. The mass size may limit opportunities for students.
  2. Engagement and participation in chapter events may be difficult to reach.
  3. The competitiveness may cause an intense environment.



  1. We can grow the passion for agriculture within our students.
  2. Utilizing our larger population can help us to build a stronger chapter and foundation.
  3. Competitiveness can help drive us to accomplish more in our doings.
  1. The pandemic may restrict us in activities.
  2. Lack of communication within membership.
  3. Fear of branching out to new ideas or conversations.

Goals and Outcomes:



  1. By October have a CDE and LDE fair for students needing info.
  2. Make a monthly announcement poster to get members more involved in activities
  3. By the end of the year, increase member input throughout forms, words, etc.
  1. We held a CDE and LDE in September and had a very large turnout and brought them attention.
  2. A poster has been made every month for students to know about upcoming meetings.
  3. Officers have polled members verbally for their input on meeting activities.