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Tulare FFA 2020-2021 Officers posing for a group picture in their blue jackets

Meet the Tulare FFA Officer Team!

As the 2020-2021 Tulare FFA Officer team prepares for the year to come, we look forward to the opportunity to serve this unique chapter. This organization has the ability to impact and direct many lives. Our goal as an officer team is to help students develop a passion in life, advance into a well-rounded leader, encourage individuals outside their comfort zone, and ultimately push students to their full potential. As our goal is to push beyond boundaries, our team has decided on the theme “breaking barriers”.

In order to break barriers, we will make it our priority to make personal connections with each member. By making special connections we will be able to create stories that will last a lifetime. In order to create stories and break barriers, we recommend that you always keep an open mind and try new things. While trying these new experiences it is important to work hard and remain focused through dedication and determination. Through this journey, we hope to show students the endless opportunities that this organization has for each and every student. 

In our current situation, it is more important than ever to defy boundaries and get out of our comfort zones. The unprecedented events of 2020 have allowed for a unique season of growth and development. The changes have compelled us to get uncomfortable and face each challenge head on. In the coming year, we as officers hope to promote the adaptation of each and every member in this modern day of society. By breaking barriers they will have the tools necessary to become successful despite the challenges they may face.

Tulare FFA, it’s up to you to decide how you will face the coming year. We hope you will embrace the changes, create stories, and join us in breaking barriers.

Meet the 2020-2021 Chapter Officers

President Emma Coelho


Hello everyone! My name is Emma Coelho, and I am currently serving as your 2020-2021 Chapter President. I am a senior at Tulare Western High school and am super excited to serve you this year. I have been involved in the agriculture industry my whole life and through FFA I have had the opportunity to raise and show market sheep and steers at a competitive level up and down the state of California, compete in many judging and speaking teams, as well as competing at the state and national level in agriscience and proficiencies. Joining FFA my freshman year, I never knew how many opportunities this organization has to offer. I quickly became aware of the tremendous role agriculture takes in everyone's daily life and the role it plays in feeding our world and supplying not only jobs but careers. This organization has taught me the many opportunities there are for students to grow in leadership and develop a strong work ethic. My biggest advice to you is to try new things and find what you are passionate about and to realize that success is not handed to you, hard work and dedication is required. This year my main goal is to create memories with many members and have the best year possible through the challenges we face with COVID-19. 

Mission Oak Vice President Bryce Nagel

Bryce Nagel

Hello, I am Bryce Nagel, and I’m a senior at Mission Oak serving as your 2020-2021 Mission Oak Vice President! I am very excited to help lead the chapter this year, especially with my love of agriculture. FFA has opened many opportunities for me and I love doing SAE’s where I work for Rib-Arrow Dairy, Robert E. Nagel & Sons Ranch, as well as raise Market Hogs. FFA has also pushed me to strive for my best and push family tradition in CDE teams like participating on the Welding Team, as well as Farm Power & Machinery. This is my second year on the Officer team, and I loved serving this chapter so much, as we all feel like a family and push for each other to do our best! Being surrounded by the agricultural community I am excited to help keep pushing boundaries and for all of the members to do their best and to grow through this organization! 

Tulare Union Vice President Emily Irving

Emily Irving

Hello my name is Emily Irving, and I am a senior at Tulare union high school currently serving as the Tulare Union chapter Vice President. Having no prior experience in agriculture I was introduced to FFA through a friend and decided to show hogs. I didn’t realize how many opportunities FFA would later provide for me. Since my freshman year I have grown tremendously as a person through speaking teams, judging teams, and through my advisor’s guidance. I have also gained responsibility, leadership skills and many friendships along the way. if it wasn’t for FFA I wouldn’t have realized the critical role agriculture plays in our everyday lives. I am very excited for this upcoming school year, my main goal as an officer is to make personal connections with the members and make sure they find their place within this chapter. 

Tulare Western Vice President Michaela Mederos

Michaela Mederos

Hello, my name is Michaela Mederos. I am currently a senior at Tulare Western, and have been an active member in Tulare FFA throughout my high school career and will be serving as this year’s Tulare Western Vice President for the Tulare FFA chapter. This year will be my third year serving our chapter as a member of the officer team and I am beyond excited to work with my team this year to continue to improve our chapter. I am highly active within the chapter, competing on many speaking and judging teams, and had the honor of being on the 2020 Grapevine Judging State Champion Team. My greatest passions that I am pursuing within the chapter are my Market Swine project and being a member of the Dairy Products judging team. I cannot wait to serve the chapter this year and help members to Break Barriers!

Secretary Isabella Riberio

Isabella Riberio

Hello everyone! My name is Isabella Ribeiro, and I am a junior at Tulare Western High School currently serving as your chapter secretary. Agriculture has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up on my family dairy farm and have since then developed a deep passion for the agriculture industry. FFA has allowed me to carry out the amazing tradition of agriculture. I raise dairy cattle, compete in the prepared public speaking contest, and am currently serving as a regional officer. Outside of FFA I love to spend time cheering at football games, baking, and being with friends and family. I am the oldest of 4 siblings which has given me the opportunity to learn the importance of leadership, responsibility and so much more. I hope in the coming year to make personal connections with each and every one of you! I can’t wait to see what opportunities the new year brings!

Secretary of Records Jillian Fernandes

Jillian Fernandes

Hello! My name is Jillian Fernandes. I am currently serving Tulare FFA as Chapter Secretary of Records. I am a junior at Mission Oak High School, where I am involved in SOPAS, a Portuguese club, and am in CSF. Tulare FFA has had a positive impact on my life. I have made many friendships here with the other students, my Ag teachers, and other staff. I am active in our chapter by participating in our dairy judging team, citrus judging team and cotton judging team. I have also shown dairy for 4 years and enjoy being a part of Tulare FFA’s dairy show team. I hope to make new friendships with our members and continue to give back to our community. I am excited for the 2020-2021 school year with this officer team and all of our members. 

Treasurer Corbett Vander Feer

Corbett Vander Feer

Hi, my name is Corbett Vander Feer and I am a Junior at Tulare Western. I will be serving the Tulare FFA chapter this year as Treasurer. I have been a part of FFA for all my years in high school. Through my time in FFA, I have learned that agriculture is a cornerstone to the community of Tulare and the nation. Outside of FFA, I play sports, go hunting, and study history on my own. For my SAE, I have been working at a small bean plant called Cal-Bean and Grain Co-op. I have been involved on the Citrus Judging team and the Ag Mechanics teams from the start of my time in Tulare FFA. My goal this year is to serve the membership, by recognizing their hard work and to build relationships with them. 

Reporter Avery Coelho

Avery Coelho

Hello, my name is Avery Coelho, and I am a Junior at Tulare Western High School, currently serving as the Chapter Reporter. FFA and agriculture have had a tremendous impact on my life, from showing sheep, participating in judging teams, competing in speaking competitions, and just being a part of this chapter. This being the case I very am extremely excited to give back to the chapter that has pushed me to become the person I am today by serving as an officer this year. Apart from FFA, I play water polo for my school and club team, I raise and show sheep at different shows around the state, and I am very dedicated to my education. Some of my hobbies include going to the lake, skiing, and spending time with my friends and family. I am very excited and proud to be a part of this year’s Tulare FFA’s Chapter officer team.

Sentinel Christian Gonzalez

Christian Gonzalez

Hello, my name is Christian Gonzalez. I'm currently a senior at Tulare Western and I'm serving as your 2020-21 chapter sentinel. I am included with both sports and FFA. I currently play basketball for western. My SAE project is swine, I raise hogs and show them at the Tulare County Fair. I'm also a part of the pumpkin enterprise at the farm. We grow pumpkins and sell them for fall and Halloween. I also am on the Agronomy team. I'm very fortunate to be a part of FFA for the opportunities it has for members.

Parliamentarian Kurtis Ashford

Kurtis Ashford

Hello! My name is Kurtis Ashford, and I will be your parliamentarian for this 2020-2021 school year. For those of you who don’t know my job will include knowing the parliamentary law and helping out our sentinel setup. I enjoy playing golf and going out with my friends to sonic and other miscellaneous places. I also enjoy hanging out with my family and participating in my church's youth group. My personal hope that this year I will be able to make connections with many of you on a personal level and to help encourage you to be the best you can be. I look forward to this school year and the many good times that will come with it.

Historian Sophia Gomes

Sophia Gomes

Hello, my name is Sophia Gomes, and I am a sophomore at Tulare Western high school currently serving as the chapter historian. I am so excited for this upcoming year! I participate in a few teams as well as having a dairy heifer that I show at the Tulare county fair. I keep myself busy between my responsibilities in my chapter and playing water polo. This year my goals are to make all members feel welcome and encourage them to be involved in our chapter! 

Chaplin Liezel Casillas

Liezel Casillas

Hello Tulare FFA!! My name is Liezel Casillas. I am currently a sophomore at Tulare Western High School. I will be serving as you’re 2020-2021 Chapter Chaplain. I am very actively involved in multiple extracurricular activities. Some activities I am involved in include being a cheerleader, showing and marketing a lamb, being an officer, and joining and participating in the vet science cde judging team this past year. I am very eager to give back to our wonderful Tulare community, also to our advisors, and of course to our members and supporters of Tulare FFA. Despite not being raised around an agricultural background, I have learned to love Ag and have seen how welcoming Tulare FFA is no matter your background. After seeing how many members have built relationships with Tulare FFA, that made me want to continue to be more involved and active in the organization. My goal for this year is to involve as many members as possible, and I also want to inspire all members to break down their barriers and try new activities. I am a very organized person that is able to complete tasks. In my freshman year, I took 8/8 classes finished with straight A+’s and a 4.0! I am very excited to help you grow, learn, and excel not just as an FFA member but as a person who is not afraid to take opportunities. I can’t wait to build a relationship with each and every one of you guys. Let’s make this school year great with lots of memories.