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Tulare FFA 2022-2023 Officers posing for a group picture in their blue jackets


Committees are a great way for students to get involved and help plan various activities in our chapter. They offer leadership opportunities to any student looking to be immersed in FFA. Committees meet once a month, typically on Friday mornings before school. There are three committees you can choose to participate in: Building Communities, Growing Leaders, and Strengthening Agriculture. Each one is responsible for planning and implementing certain activities. The committee chairs are composed of our three vice presidents, while the overarching committee is led by our president. That overarching committee is known as the Executive Committee.

Committee Chair Members Quality Standards
Building Communities Avery Coelho

Sub Committee Chairs:
Environmental: Lilibeth Martinez
Human Resources: Aleyda Ceballos
Citizenship: Maddie Aguiar & Taylor Sousa
Stakeholder Engagement: Luke Fernandes
Economic Development: Aidan Champagne
Madison Aguiar
Aiden Champagne
Taylor Sousa
Kurtis Ashford
Olivia Machado
Avery Coelho
Liezel Casillas
Madeline Lew
Luke Fernandes
Lilibeth Martinez
Alexia Martinez
Braden Poston
Daphnie Avila
Jonathan Callison
Jeremiah Taylor
Logan Yenigues
Daniel Smith
Brooklyn Vieira
Makayla McGuire
Kayley Costa
Madelyn Movesian
Bethany Wilson
Sage Thompson
Activities conducted to preserve natural resources and develop more environmentally responsible individuals.
Human Resources
Activities conducted to improve the welfare and well-being of members and citizens of the community.
Activities conducted to encourage members to become active, involved citizens of their school, community, and country.
Stakeholder Engagement
Activities conducted to develop teamwork and cooperation between the local chapter and stakeholders.
Economic Development
Activities conducted to improve the economic welfare of the community.
Growing Leaders Corbett Vander Feer

Sub Committee Chairs:
Leadership: Nicole Tristao
Healthy Lifestyle: Isabella Ribeiro
Scholarship: Ava Valadao & Avery Starr
Personal Growth: John Michael Ribeiro
Career Success: Gianna Fernandes
Avery Starr
Ava Valdao
Donovan Sumpter
Rex Vander Feer
Canon Costa
Madison Tillery
Deziray Abundis
Bradyn Boland
Blake Morais
America Martin
Jake Lewis
Kylin Boland
Gianna Fernandes
Ryan Ashford
Lilyanah Ribeiro
Julia Van Scyoc
Activities that help the individual develop technical, human relations and decision-making skills to grow leaders.
Healthy Lifestyle
Activities that promote the well-being of students mentally or physically, in achieving the positive evolution of the whole person.
Activities that develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning experiences.
Personal Growth
Activities conducted that improve the identity and self-awareness of members. These activities should reflect members’ unique talents and potential by reinforcing their human and employability skills. The activities should strive to enhance the quality of life and contribute to members’ life goals and development.
Career Success
Activities that promote student involvement and growth through agriculture-related experiences and/or entrepreneurship and promote career readiness.
Strengthening Agriculture Sophia Gomes

Sub Committee Chairs:
Support Group: Mason Bessinger
Chapter Recruitment: Brooke Fay
Safety: Savannah Johnson
Agriculture Advocacy: Jillian Garcia
Agriculture Literacy: Jillian Fernandes
Savannah Johnson
MacKenzie Sepeda
Alexis Santos
Manuel Cervantes
Blake Crawford
Abdul Al-Azzam
Brooke Fay
Daniel Tristao
Rex Vander Feer
Blake Crawford
Yesenia Delgadillo
Jillian Garcia
Logan Yenigues
Support Group
Activities conducted to develop and maintain positive relations among FFA, parents, and community leaders interested in supporting agricultural education.
Chapter Recruitment
Activities conducted to increase agricultural education enrollment and/or FFA membership and encourage greater participation.
Activities that enhance safety in the community.
Agricultural Advocacy
Activities conducted to articulate and promote agricultural programs, practices, policies, and/or education to elicit action.
Agricultural Literacy
Activities that help consumers become better informed about the production, distribution, and daily impact of food, fiber, and fuel.